Industrial Opportunities

industrial2One of Copiah’s great successes has been The Copiah County Industrial Park at Gallman, in the northern part of our county. CCIP currently has over 450 acres fully developed for use with electricity, gas, water, sewer,
broadband and fiber optics in place – plus, another 300 acres set aside for future development.

Transportation assets to The Gallman Park feature direct connection to major railroads, and it is adjacent to both Interstate and major State highways. Direct air access is convenient through our Copiah County Airport,
which is currently being upsized to accommodate jet transports. Access to The Copiah County Industrial Park is easy and direct to other major business destinations as well. Within easy reach you’ll find International Airports in Jackson and New Orleans, Mississippi River ports in Natchez and Vicksburg, and deep-water ports on the Gulf Coast and New Orleans.

industrial3Just as important as the physical assets we offer in Copiah County, industries find a very business-friendly county government here. We understand that partnering with industry is a “win-win” approach, and we make every
effort to attract and maintain long-term industrial investment in our county. We’re here to help – with land acquisition, financing, energy and utility access, employee training, and government support. Our industrial partners
know that we’re a phone call away to assist with any challenge that arises. It’s the way Copiah County works; we all work together and we all succeed.