Retail Opportunities

retail1Copiah County is driven by several thriving communities that offer an easy quality-of-life, and bustling retail centers with both historical charm and progressive opportunities. Our deep cultural history has given rise to many
businesses that express our heritage, so “homestyle” businesses thrive in Crystal Springs, Hazlehurst, Wesson, and our other smaller communities as well.

Enterprises that feature food, arts, crafts, music, and other cultural assets benefit from our reputation of hospitality and our easy connections to major travel arteries. Our lakes, parks, and extensive outdoor recreation attractions bring traffic to our downtown zones as well.

On the other end of the spectrum, more and more “upscale” and progressive businesses have found Copiah County to be a good home – we’ve welcomed quite a few national restaurant, shopping and service industries
to our neighborhoods. As our communities grow in population, the expansion areas include an ever-increasing number of regionally- and nationally known brands, bringing “big city” conveniences and services to our easy-going way of life.

Here in Copiah County, we’ve stricken a beautiful balance between old and new, traditional and progressive, past and future. We see our rich heritage and our bright future as part of the same story; all of us moving together as
a community and paving the road ahead with common goals. It’s a happy place to live and do business. Come see us, we’ll show you some great opportunities and a great way of life.